Panne Levain Bakery


Panne Levain Bakery, owned by Saul Bedolla, is a personal owned bakery in Stockton, California. Saul Bedolla has been working in bakery/cooking services for many years when he got the idea of going on his own and starting up a bakery.


While in the process of trying to start up his own bakery, Saul was unsuccessful in obtaining a business loan. Soon after being turned down for his loan he came to the SBDC for assistance. He was recommended to the SBDC by the local city micro loan fund (City of Stockton). Saul’s first step with the SBDC was to get assistance with the loan application process.


The SBDC identified the regulatory requirements for the client to meet in order to pursue a startup. The SBDC gave Saul detailed feedback on his business plan, both for strategic and planning purposes. Also for preparation for his micro loan application, helping him with many other aspects of the loan application and loan process. The SBDC also helped the client address a variety of issues in preparing for startup.


The Saul’s micro loan application was approved for $30,000. He opened his business March 21, 2011. The business now has 4 full-time and 4 part-time employees. Right out of the gate, Panne Levain Bakery was a huge success. His customers, “regulars” as Saul likes to call them, are consistent in coming to support the business.

Customer Feedback:

“Everything I've had here so far has been great, from bread to cookies and cake. I've had every sandwich on the menu including the Big Pat burger and have been very satisfied with all of them. Next I'll work through the breakfast menu. I know they will do well.”